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In Kenya, vulnerable and under-served youth population groups – such as orphans, youths from vulnerable and marginalized communities, persons with disabilities, youths affected by conflict, single mothers, and street youths- are even more adversely affected by the challenges of unemployment as they are unable to participate and benefit from mainstream employment interventions. In addition to the challenges faced by most of the unemployed youth, these youth groups face obstacles that are unique to their environments. Some of these challenges include stigmatization and misconceptions, sole childcare responsibilities, lack of mentorship, and limited access to adaptive learning. 

Future Bora is an initiative of the Government of Kenya under the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP). By supporting interventions that are tailored to the local and highly specific needs of the most vulnerable youth, the initiative aims to expand economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and under-served Kenyan youth.

The Future Bora Initiative is implemented by the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs (MIIYA) and funded by the World Bank. Intellecap Advisory Services is the management firm for this initiative.

Future Bora aims to catalyze interventions that expand economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and under-served Kenyan youths i.e. orphans, persons with disabilities, single mothers, youths affected by conflict, street youths, youths from vulnerable and marginalized communities, between the age of 18 and 29 years. By supporting interventions that are tailored to the local and highly specific needs of the most vulnerable youth, the initiative aims to reduce the obstacles that these youth face while seeking employment and income generation opportunities. 

Challenge criteria

The challenge is seeking organizations that match the following criteria:

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The organization must be registered in Kenya.


The intervention/solution submitted by the organization must be unique and innovative in solving unemployment issues faced by the most vulnerable and under-served Kenyan youth.


All types of organizations (for-profit, not-for-profit), except state-owned enterprises and public institutions, are eligible to apply for the challenge. 


At least 80% of the beneficiaries of the proposed intervention should be between the age of 18 and 29 years.


The organization should have been operational for at least three years as of 1st September 2020 (applicants will be required to submit audited financial statements for the last three years). 


Consortia are eligible to apply if the lead applicant fulfills all criteria and other partners fulfill at least 4 (out of 5) of the other criteria.

The organization should be working with:


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Youths (18-29 years) bereft through death or abandoned by both their parents while they were children.

Persons with disability


Youths (18-29 years) with a physical, sensory, mental, or other impairment, including any visual, hearing, learning, or physical incapability, which adversely impacts their social, economic, or environmental participation.

Single mothers


Young mothers (18-29 years) who have a dependent child or dependent children and who are widoweddivorced, or unmarried.

Youths affected by conflict


Youths (18-29 years) whose lives have been adversely affected by conflict, such as inter-community conflicts, land disputes, pastoral / cattle rustling, terrorism and violence.

Street youths


Youths (18-29 years) for whom the street has become their habitual abode and who live outside of key societal institutions, such as the family, education and other statutory services; who do not have any formal sources of support and are dependent upon informal support networks.

Youths from vulnerable and marginalized communities


Youths (18-29 years) from vulnerable and marginalized communities as defined by the Government of Kenya

Challenge timeline

Phase 1

Call for application opens


Organizations are invited to submit their applications.

Submission deadline

15 Dec’20

Applications received will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the managing firm, Intellecap, and an independent judging panel.

Shortlist announcement

Mid Jan’21

Top 30 applicants from the first round will be announced.

Phase 2

Application refinement begins

Mid Jan’21 – Mid Feb’21

A boot-camp will be conducted with shortlisted applicants to assist them in refining their applications. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit detailed refined proposals. 

Final evaluation

Mid Feb’21 – Mid Mar’21

Applications received will be reviewed by the managing firm, Intellecap, and an independent judging panel. Applicants will be invited to present & pitch their interventions to the jury members.

Winning organizations announcement

Mid Mar ’21

Three winning organizations will be announced. Each of the three winning organizations will receive a grant funding of KSH 40 million disbursed in milestone-based tranches and capacity-building support.

Phase 3


Mid Mar’21 onward

Each of the three winning organizations will receive customized advisory and mentoring support for their scale and growth.

Benefits to winning organizations

Three organizations with the best interventions will be selected. Each winning organization will receive:


Grant Funding

Grant funding of KSH 40 million for each of the three winning organizations disbursed in tranches


Advisory and mentoring support for scale and growth


Opportunity to show your intervention and gain visibility

Apply to Future Bora

Follow the instructions below to ensure a successful submission:

  • Review all the questions and prepare your responses in advance, before you start filling up the form. You can download a copy of the application form here.
  • Please refer to the eligibility criteria before submitting your application.
  • For organizations that have multiple interventions, we recommend that you submit the application for the most promising intervention that is aligned with the objective of the Future Bora Initiative. 
  • Applicants can save their progress on the application form by clicking on the “Save” icon at the end and keeping a record of the generated link. Using this generated link, applicants can return to the in-progress application.  Please note that the application must be submitted before the deadline.  
  • All questions marked with * are mandatory, please ensure you fill them before submitting the application.
  • Each descriptive question has a word limit specified, please refer to it while responding.
  • Please note that no edits can be made to the application once it has been submitted.  
  • The deadline for submission is 15 December 2020 5:00 PM EAT; however, we will suggest not waiting until the last day.
Future Bora will support organizations working with:

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