Open Doors: Russian Scholarship 2020-2021

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Open Doors Russian Scholarship

The Olympiad is organized by The Association of Global Universities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudichestvo).

The competition is aimed at talented foreign students who would like to enroll in master’s and postgraduate programs in Russia for free.

The winners of the Open Doors are granted a free early admission at any Russian university, without entrance examinations and with tuition fees covered by the Russian Federation.

The competition winners will be able to enroll in a program using a single-window system, choosing any of 500 Russian universities, including 21 leading universities-participants of the 5-100 Project. The language of instruction is English or Russian depending on the chosen program and the university.

The Olympiad has two tracks – for prospective Master’s and doctoral students (analogous to PhD). The Olympiad is held in two rounds for the Master’s track and in three rounds for the doctoral track (analogous to PhD). The first round is a competition of portfolios, and the second round is a problem-solving challenge. The third round of the Olympiad involves the selection of a prospective research supervisor for the chosen doctoral program (analogous to Ph.D.) and an interview with him/her.

The competition is open to foreign citizens and stateless persons, including compatriots living abroad, having a Bachelor’s degree or completing a Bachelor degree program in the year of the Olympiad for the Master’s track and having a Master’s or Specialist’s degree for the doctoral track (analogous to Ph.D.) in the year of the Olympiad.

Rules: Please check out the rules of participation below: DOWNLOAD RULES

Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project is your chance for early admission to a tuition-free program at one of the leading universities in Russia.


Registration for Open Doors 2020-2021 is open

The Russian Federation has organized the Open Doors International Olympiad for the fourth time. This year introduces a doctoral track (analogous to Ph.D.) in addition to the usual master’s track. Depending on the chosen direction, the winners of the Olympiad will be able to enroll for free in the master’s or postgraduate programs of their chosen University. Participants of the doctoral track will be able to choose a future research supervisor and pass an interview with them during the Olympiad

Open Doors 2020: Russian scholarship project for master’s program applicants is launched

It is the third year the Russian Federation has organized the Open Doors International Olympiad. Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad can choose any field of study from one of the subject areas of the Olympiad and one or several universities in Russia running the Master’s program of their choice.

Subjects of the OpenDoors:

More information and a handful of useful downloads are available through the links below. The materials include demos of tasks and program of the second round of the competition, the list of program tracks for subsequent master’s degree, the doctoral track’s materials: Biology & Biotechnology Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Computer & Data Science Master’s track; Mathematics & Artificial intelligence Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Business & Management Master’s track; Politics & International Studies Master’s track; Neuroscience & Psychology Master’s track; Physical Sciences Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Linguistics & Modern Languages Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Chemistry & Materials Science Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Economics & Econometrics Master’s track; Engineering & Technology Master’s track; Clinical Medicine & Public Health Tracks: master’s, doctoral; Earth Sciences Master’s track; Education Master’s track.


September 15th, 2020

Registration: Hurry up to register and fill out all the information you need to participate in the Open Doors.

September 15th – December 10th, 2020: Portfolio filling

Prepare your portfolio. All research papers, certificates, awards and honors that you have ever received are of value. Please include all achievements in the selected Subject in your portfolio to increase your chances of success. The portfolio structure for all Subjects and tracks is unified.

December 10th, 2020: Deadline for portfolio submission

You will not be able to edit your portfolio after the deadline. While waiting for the result of your portfolio review, you can use a system of automatic assessment to estimate your approximate score. The system will be available in your personal account.

December 10th – 24th, 2020: The first round. Grading of the portfolios

December 25th, 2020: Announcement of the first-round results

January 11th – 30th, 2021: The second round. Winners of the portfolio competition are welcome to participate in the second round in the selected Subject. The detailed schedule will be published later.

January 11th – February 9th, 2021: Grading of the second round of the competition

February 10th, 2021: Announcement of the second-round results

February 11th – 18th, 2021: Appeal process

February 22th, 2021: Announcement of the Open Doors winners and prize-winners in the Master’s track

March 1st – 19th, 2021: The third round (for participants of the doctoral track (analogous to PhD))

March 23rd, 2021: Announcement of the Open Doors winners and prize-winners in the doctoral track (analogous to PhD)Competition organized by leading Russian universities

Explore the offered study programs and additional information about the universities:

Higher School of Economics (HSE); Tomsk state university; ITMO; Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Novosibirsk State Universtity; National Research Nuclear University MEPhI; National University of Science and Technology MISIS; Ural Federal University; Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”; Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University; Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU); Tomsk Polytechnic University; Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University; People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN); University of Tyumen; Far Eastern Federal University; Kazan University; Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN); Samara National Research University; Siberian Federal University; South Ural State University


What does ‘Subject’ mean? Subject is the field of knowledge that covers groups of program tracks a Master’s student can follow. The area of science you would like to specialize in, to be short.

What do I do if I win? First, select a program in the Subject you are a winner in. Then, choose one or several universities that offer programs in this track.

What language will I study in? After confirming your proficiency in English or Russian, you can study in that language. If you need to improve your Russian, you will be offered a Russian language preparatory course.

Will I have to pay a tuition fee? Your tuition fee will be paid by the Russian Federation. You will only have to cover your travel and accommodation costs, insurance and personal expenses.

Can I enroll in any programme I want? You will be enrolled in a specialization indicated in your registration form. Within this specialization you can choose any programme applicable for foreign students.